Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

During your chosen massage you may experience a degree of pain but this pain should not be so severe as to be uncomfortable. Please advise me if it is painful and I can adjust the pressure. After your massage you may experience some soreness which is quite normal. This can be relieved by a soak in a hot bath or application of a hot water bottle to the affected area. It is advisable to drink plenty of water. After your massage you will feel invigorated and relaxed. Should you wish silence, music or conversation during your massage then this is fine, whatever is conducive to your overall comfort. Just let me know.

It’s better to wear comfortable loose clothing and suitable underwear. A towel is provided to ensure your privacy and comfort. Please remove your shoes at the door.

Prior to your massage I will discuss all this and record it for my own reference only. I have a comprehensive health questionnaire which requires completion prior to any therapy. From this I can make the required allowances for any condition. Please ensure you advise me of any changes and updates to your medical history. Eating a heavy meal before a massage is inadvisable, try to leave at least two hours between eating such a meal and your massage. Light snacks are ok up to an hour or so before massage. Unless it is a medical issue then eating during massage is discouraged. Should you require a drink of water during your appointment then please tell me.

This is different between clients. Some people prefer monthly massages to keep in trim, some requiring specific treatment require one a week for anything between one and six weeks. Discuss this with me and we can make a mutually agreeable plan to suit your individual needs.